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Underwater Dock Lights are coming back; bigger and better than ever.

The Underwater Dock Light is a fishing light made to attract unbelievable amounts of fish. It works by lighting water directly with little or no reflection so that instead of attracting bugs, it attracts the fish to the light source through a pooling mechanism that occurs naturally.

It saves fishermen the hassle of futile fishing trips that leave them tired and frustrated by making the activity effortless. This is because the fish are actually attracted to the choice position. It can also work to view the most spectacular fish life for the whole family enjoyment right at the comfort of your dock.

Light attracts planktons which are microscopic organisms found in water. Since small fish feed on planktons, they will pool at this spots for the new found food source. Larger fish will then follow them creating a pool of fish around the lighted source making it an ultimate fishing hub or fish viewing hub. 

The dock has to have sufficiently deep water as well as good conditions for fish to be seen and attracted. The installation has to be done at the correct depth so as to work efficiently bringing you a bountiful pool of fish right at your dock.

These lights are mostly energy efficient and do not raise your utility bills up the higher side. They are also pretty easy to maintain and install. What’s more, they are available in automatic form turning on at dusk and off at dawn. What you get is a system that visually enhances your waterfront without requiring too much effort and attention. 

It is also advantageous to install underwater dock lights to enhance safety at the dock by providing lighting hence reduce areas that might be dangerous.

The choice of the best lights will be essential to the best service delivery. It is best to stick with high quality lights made with certified and safe materials that will provide long service. Bulb brightness has to cover a sufficient enough area and the wiring should be carefully picked and approved for underwater uses. 

The depth of the water determines the choice of a lighting system coupled with the required appearance of the water. For aesthetic appeal to both the home owners and guests, coloured lights might be preferred. These also tend to be more effective in attracting fish and some have higher wavelengths hence cover longer distances under water.

As far as home appearance, fishing and family entertainment is concerned; underwater dock lights can provide a multipurpose service. An evening out under the cool breeze of your waterfront home is sure to be welcome as the natural beauty of water life entertains loved ones. It also offers a welcome break from television viewing and can be a great recreational activity for the whole family at no extra cost. 

Not only are we producing these underwater dock lights, our engineers have come up with a new product for the home. We are now producing home improvement products including gutter leaf guards. These leaf guards will not only keep your gutter clear from tree debris, pests and other mess but they will also keep your home and gutters safe. More information on these products and the leaf guard cost will be available soon. 

We are currently in the process of gathering information on buffalo grass. What does this have to do with our other products you ask? Well, it's simple, after you've caught your fish, and take it home. Wouldn't it be nice to have beautiful grass to have a picnic on outside. We'll have more buffalo grass information coming soon. 

You can find more information on gutter guards and other handy home improvement products on Hi Pages: You never know what products we will be coming up with next. 

We assure you 100% customer satisfaction from the most effective products on the planet!

And here is a short video about underwater dock lights... enjoy!